Industrial Ethernet networks with 2+2 or 4 STP

Individual IIoT or databus network MIXO megabitmodule CX 08 D5 - ILME

An individual IIoT or data bus network can be created with ILME's new MIXO megabit module CX 08 D5. Thanks to the special contour, either an 8-pole Ethernet cable with 4 STP or two separate 4-pole cables, each with 2 STP and its own shield connection, can be integrated into one modular connector. Read more about ILME MIXO.

MIXO megabit module features CX 08 D5:

  • For Cat. 5e Class D for Megabit Ethernet up to 100MHz frequency and 100Mbit/s transmission rate
  • Connection of 2+2 twisted pairs or 4 twisted pairs (STP or UTP)
  • With single or dual cable entry
  • High electrical characteristics of 10A / 50V / 0.8kV 3 Functional earth (GND / FE) and protective earth (PE) separated for high noise immunity


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