PQ specialist Jarno on the importance of clean electricity

"Our main task is to ensure that the electricity grid functions optimally".

In the space of a century, society has become completely dependent on electricity. But in more and more places sufficient and good electricity is no longer a matter of course. Companies and organisations turn to fortop when they want to prevent problems with the electricity supply. Jarno Schoen is one of fortop's Power Quality specialists.

"If you remove the head of a glass of beer, you create space for more beer. That is what we do with the electricity network: we identify problems, reduce pollution and ensure 'clean' electricity. And we also make sure it is within the set standards. This subject is also becoming increasingly topical: with the arrival of more modern electrical equipment, the network is becoming increasingly polluted."

This is how Jarno summarises the subject matter he has been working on at Fortop for six years - but with which he has had experience for more than fifteen years. It has become his passion. "I used to advise companies on energy savings. You usually only see the results in the long term. With lower energy consumption, you save only a fraction of the costs that a voltage drop or disruption causes."

After all, the consequences of electricity failures are disastrous for many organisations. An airport, data centre or hospital without reliable electricity has a serious problem, just as a production stoppage is a doomsday scenario for many companies. And at large (sports) events watched by millions of people worldwide, organisations also prefer to avoid being suddenly 'in the dark'. This shows how important a healthy electricity supply is.


Consequences of failure are disastrous

Jarno in actie in Gabon, Afrika

Jarno and colleagues work for production companies, marine & offshore, machine builders, events, airports and other large and small companies. "In principle, we work for clients in the Benelux and England. They often operate globally and so do we. We follow our clients all over the world. Our main task is to ensure that the electricity grid functions optimally. If this is not the case, equipment does not work properly and there is a risk of fines and claims. Companies can then face enormous costs.

The Dutch National Railways (NS) recently warned that there is insufficient capacity to expand the railway network. "Just look at how many electrical appliances have been added to the average household. Many of these modern devices pollute the network and that causes more and more problems. Designers of large installations are obliged to calculate the effect on the network, but this does not always happen. In practice, companies then run into the consequences: low quality of voltage and current, fines and claims, high maintenance costs and equipment that does not work properly."


Modern equipment pollutes the electricity grid

Measuring, monitoring and improving’ are the key words with which fortop operates. "With the energy meters of Janitza we carry out measurements (temporary, semi-permanent or permanent), so that we have a picture of the situation. We analyse the results and give feedback by means of a report or through our software, which in many cases we explain with a presentation. In this report, we include recommendations for improvement. After an improvement system has been put into operation, we stay in contact with the customer. We take care of the checks of the measurement data and the maintenance of the compensation systems, so that the infrastructure continues to work optimally in the future. This is especially true in projects where business premises have to be built or rebuilt, and often follows a ten-year plan. The client then knows exactly when what investments are needed."

"Increasingly, we are already involved in the design of installations or systems, so that with our advice we can directly help to achieve an optimal electronic infrastructure."