Man and machine working together safely within set standards

In the automated industry, you think first of all of the practical issues: how do I set up the process? Individual machines are increasingly becoming part of a workflow. Parts within machines communicate with each other via specific protocols, for example Industrial Ethernet, Profibus, etc. with PLC and other parts of the machine.

This is a great development for the field, but all in all it can sometimes become quite complex. In the meantime, these (possibly) modern machines and equipment still need to be maintained. Maintenance must also involve as little downtime as possible. Safety plays an even bigger role here.

Standard machine safety - Advice fortop


A not to be forgotten step in this process is the safety of the people working around a machine. Is the use of machines safe enough for the immediate working environment? And, not unimportantly, how do you ensure that work can be done sustainably? And we are talking about sustainability in the broadest sense of the word. 

Lifespan and sustainable employability

A good product needs to be replaced less quickly, lasts longer and works better. When you talk about people, you are talking about the sustainable employability of employees. People must be certain that they can do their work in a safe environment.

'Machine safety' is a term often heard in the automation industry. It stands for human and machine safety. Examples of machine safety applications include light curtains and radar safety systems that prevent employees from walking in unintentionally, and switches that stop the product line at the push of a button.


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Standards play a major role in machine safety these days. Equipment must comply with specific guidelines in order to be allowed to be used. Think of ISO13855 with regard to safety distances of light curtains or the NEN 415/1: 2014. So there are many different standards, which you should take into account to comply with the directive. Read more about SIL and PL standards.

Machine safety according to SIL or PL - Advice fortop
Michiel Volkerink - Account Manager Automation


Fortop has the knowledge, experience and products to ensure proper machine safety. From light curtains to interlock systems, from switches to programmable safety relays. Both the product specialists at fortop and the specialists from our suppliers are able to advise you in the area of standards. Fortop offers a machine safety package from A to Z!


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