Safety device for a processing bench with local loading and unloading

Situation sketch

The employee is obliged to load and unload the objects. The machine is protected by two horizontal safety light curtains. In this scenario, the safety light curtain must be equipped with a muting function to allow access to the hazardous areas. Unsafe situations mainly occur in the area where the objects are processed. If the employee takes the produced object from the workbench, one of the two safety light screens is "muted / muted" while the other light screens are active. This way the employee can safely load and unload the item. Read more about safety light curtains with muting function.

Double muting

In the event that the employee has to adapt to the machine, a reverse operation takes place. The light screens detect the employee and the machine is muted / muted. The entire technical installation is protected by a gate with an access gate, equipped with a safety switch. When the gate with the safety switch is open, the machine stops. The corresponding manual restart operation is located near every safety light screen. The system is equipped with three emergency push buttons that, if activated, stop the machine.


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Safety device for a processing bench with local loading and unloading - ReeR Safety
Safety light curtain - ReeR Safety

Safety components in the application example

Muting light curtain - Security

Two safety light screens with muting function are included in this application. Both muting light screens protect the employee from unsafe situations, but do not immediately shut down the entire machine. The light screens are equipped with corresponding restart buttons. Read more about muting light screens.

Safety switch

The entire technical installation is protected with a a gate. The gate is equipped with a safety switch. The safety switch switches the machine off as soon as a switch is made. As soon as the gate is closed, the machine will restart. For specific applications, there are built-in delays in the relay. Read more about safety switches:

Emergency push buttons

The application example contains multiple emergency push buttons and emergency stop buttons. These buttons are added to the application as extra security. If an emergency stop in a technical installation is desired, this can be activated by using the emergency stop button.

Make your own safety circuit with a programmable safety PLC

If conventional safety relays are used to set up this safety circuit, 4 safety relays would be required. 2 safety modules for the safety light curtains, 1 for the switch on the gate for access to the machine and 1 safety relay for the emergency stop.

Solution with programmable safety relay - Mosaic

When applying the ReeR programmable safety relay Mosiac, the following 2 modules are required to install the safety circuit.

The reset buttons are not included in the diagram because they are directly connected to the feedback from the OSSD safety outputs. The 3 e-stop buttons are included in the diagram as a single block. The diagram also shows 2 indicator lights used to display the active status of the muting safety light screen.

The Mosaic programmable safety relay from ReeR Safety can be easily configured using drag & drop software. This enables you to set up your own safety system that fully meets your wishes and requirements. The software provides a clear overview of the situation, making functions easy to add. 


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