Analogue input module for safety PLC - Safety controller

MA2 / MA4 - ReeR Safety

Analoge ingangsmodule MA4 - Mosaic - ReeR Safety

Safely register and process pressure, temperature, filling level and distance? Inputs of measuring transducers or sensors can be connected to the safe analogue input module MA2/MA4 from ReeR Safety.

2 or 4 independent 16-bit analogue inputs

With this module, processes up to PL e (according to ISO 13849-1) or SIL CL 3 (according to IEC 61508 - IEC 62061) can be registered and monitored safely. The MA4 module has four independent 16-bit analogue inputs (4-20 mA or 0-10V). The MA2 module has two independent 16-bit analogue inputs (4-20 mA or 0-10V). Is it necessary to read the sensor signals redundantly? Configuration with free software!

MSD software tool for MA2/MA4

The analogue signals are configured via Mosaic Safety Designer (MSD) software tool. Analogue function blocks have been added in this software to configure the input signal, units, scale and switching points, among other things. Read more about the safety PLC - Safety Controller Mosaic.


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