One special connector please!

ESCHA is a specialist in customer-specific solutions

Kabels en connectoren van ESCHA

ESCHA has many years of experience with the design of connectors and housings, the production for injection molding, cable production and injection molding technology. The basic range of ESCHA stands for high quality and can be used in many different applications. But what if standard is not sufficient? Then at ESCHA they adapt existing products to your needs.

Custom made connectors

Are you looking for a specific cable quality, a specific color or logo, individual B-side assemblies and customer-specific rotating parts? ESCHA makes it for you. In the recently enlarged factory hall, the ESCHA people realize tailor-made solutions for customer-specific questions on a daily basis. You can say that ESCHA is a specialist in special!


"We don't have to redesign the entire production line"

Ralf Rodert and Jeroen Stam - ESCHA specialsESCHA specializes in electrical engineering and plastic technology. The in-house R&D department and tool-shop implement solutions using up-to-date technologies. All products are then manufactured and completed. Even when it comes to small parties, ESCHA can respond quickly and flexibly.

What is the reason ESCHA is specialist in making specials? Ralf Rodert, sales manager at ESCHA explains: “If you look at the process from a production perspective, we are so flexible because we do a lot of manual work. We have cleverly and efficiently coordinated these manual processes. If a customer needs an adjustment to an existing product quickly, our people just need to get a different cable length or cable color and they can assemble it. We do not have to redesign an entire production line, which is the case if the assembly were fully automated. The way we work is the quickest and most efficient solution to do it this way. ”Customers do not always look for something completely new, a small adjustment is often enough. "70% of the products that ESCHA produces are specials, only 30% is standard," continues Ralf. "From that point of view, we have to be very flexible in order to meet customer demand." Read more about the products of ESCHA.