"Making difficult tasks safe by keeping them simple"

Supplier speaking

Valter Casetta, export manager ReeR Safety

ReeR was founded in 1959 and a few things have changed since then. In the beginning, the company was a simple seller of components for the automation industry and micro lamps. After that, the company slowly but surely specialized in safety equipment. It wasn't until 1994, under the leadership of the new owner - the Scaravelli family - that the company's vision changed. Under the management of the new owner, ReeR became one of the largest manufacturers of safety equipment for the automation industry.

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All under one roof
Valter Casetta
, export manager: "I would say our strongest point is the total commitment to safety. Our vision is to manufacture the best safety equipment and ensure the best quality to our customers. That's why our structure is as vertical as possible: we have everything under one roof, from R&D to manufacturing and assembly, to quality assurance and customer service, and so on."

What are the unique features of ReeR products?
“We always try to keep our products as simple as possible. We believe the ability to simplify difficult tasks is the real added value of our products. We design and engineer our product with the end-user in mind and our ultimate goal is to get the job done safely for the machine operator and easier for the original equipment manufacturers."

What does the future of ReeR look like?
“We have more than twenty people working in the R&D department, at a company that specializes solely in safety equipment. This allows us to move forward fairly quickly with new product releases and to keep innovating at a decent pace. Currently on a significant number of projects and we expect the next three years to be very busy. ReeR has also experienced tremendous growth over the past decade and we have recently embarked on an expansion project that will double our production and office spaces. ”

ReeR and fortop

Valter Casetta - Export manager ReeR Safety

"Our journey with fortop started in the early 2000s, we are almost on our 20th anniversary! What makes this relationship so special is the incredible synergy between the two companies. On the one hand, we have a solid product manufacturer, on the other hand, we have an excellent partner who is competent, has the right know-how and delivers impeccable customer service.

At ReeR we like to see fortop as part of the family: a truly reliable partner who does a fantastic job on the Dutch market. We know that fortop has an incredible reputation with Dutch customers and nothing is more rewarding for us than being represented by such a remarkable company."

Valter Casetta