Speed monitoring relay monitors too high speed and downtime to PLe - SIL 3

Speed monitoring relay - ReeR Safety

SV MR0 is the new relay of ReeR Safety to monitor excessive speed and downtime. It uses standard sensors and reached a level of safety up to PLe - SIL 3.

The relay is among other things provided with:

  • Setting range 0.5 to 990 Hz or 10-49500 rpm
  • 2 safety relay outputs + 1 PNP output status
  • 2 inputs for PNP proximity switches
  • Feedback from external contacts
  • Manual or automatic reset 


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Monitoring of maximum speeds

SV MR0 is ideal for monitoring downtime (eg an agitator) or minimum speed for safe maintenance in hazardous installations. In addition, these can also be used for monitoring the maximum speed of, for example, turbines or amusement rides. The relay has reduced dimensions (99 x 22.5 x 114 mm) and a wide temperature range (-40 °C to +55 °C).

Three potentiometers on the front side to make the adjustment of the switching point very simple. Two potentiometers are used to set the numerical value (1-99), the third potentiometer for multiplication of this value and the indication of the function (Hz or rpm). If the speed exceeds the set value, the relay switches off. A simple setup procedure ensures that unintentional changing of settings is prevented.


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