Harmonics compensation without power transformers

Extremely low TDH-U values by eliminating background contamination

Active filtering without power transformers - Sensorless control - COMSYS

ADF power tuning from Comsys is the only solution on the market with sensorless control. This means that the use of power transformers is not necessary. Sensorless control is ideal if low voltage contamination (THD-U) is desired. Because the compensation current is determined on the basis of the voltage measurement, it is also possible to remove the so-called "background pollution", as a result of which extremely low THD values can be achieved and the compensation current is used more optimally.

Ideal in existing installations or with several generators

Sometimes it is difficult to fit current transformers in existing installations. In systems with several generators, it is even necessary to install several current transformers that must be summed up later. This is difficult, costly, less accurate and also prone to errors during connection. With sensorless control, this is no longer necessary.

Sensorless control is able to compensate for subnets. An example of an application is on ships, where the 480V subnet - to which sensitive equipment is connected - can be compensated for in isolation from the contaminated 690V net. Read more about active dynamic filtering. 


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Benefits of sensorless control

Active filtering without power transformers - Sensorless control - COMSYS

  • No need for power transformers, making the ADF easier to connect to existing installations.
  • Ideal for multi-feeder applications such as multiple generators.
  • The only solution where background contamination can be compensated for, enabling extremely low THD-U values to be achieved.
  • The available compensation capacity is used more effectively.