Arne de Jonge | Teamleader supply chain

Optimal processing of the goods

In recent years I have had various logistics positions where I never had the opportunity to combine this with my training in financial professions. This changed in September 2018 when I came in contact with fortop. Fortop was looking for someone with my qualities.

I have been working for fortop since October 2018. I am active in the warehouse most of the day. Together with my colleague Jeanine, I ensure optimum processing of the flow of goods. I also support the administration department and I am working on IT. It is nice to work in a team with people with the same mentality. Every day is a fun and educational day.

Soccer is my favorite sport and in my free time I also spend a lot of time on it. In addition, I build a flower gondola with my friends in the summer months to participate in the Belt-Schutsloot gondola ride.

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Arne de Jonge | Teamleader supply chain