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Power monitoring software - GridVis® Ultimate 7.3 - JanitzaGridVis® Ultimate 7.3

GridVis® Ultimate 7.3 is the newest version of the web-based power monitoring software from Janitza, which allows you to create web-based visualizations yourself. GridVis® collects data from various consumption meters and power analyzers. The software converts this data into comprehensible reports, visualizations and alarms.

Energy analyse software GridVis®

The data that GridVis Ultimate collects is stored on an external server, so that the data can be accessed from any location at any time of the day. Four GridVis licenses are available, of which the Ultimate version is the most complete. Read more about GridVis.


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Create your own web-based visualizations

An important feature is the web-based visualization tool. Whereas the technical department mainly wants to have insight into the load on the electrical installation and wants to be alerted if a dip or peak occurs, the accounting department wants to have insight into monthly consumer reports.

Flexibility in user management

With GridVis® Ultimate, every user group can compile its own web pages based on standard widgets and graph components. Due to this flexibility in combination with user management, only the information that is of interest to the relevant user group is shown.

Four aspects of power management

All four aspects of power management (consumption, load, power quality and dips and peaks) can be managed with GridVis Ultimate.

Webbased interface - Power monitoring software - GridVis® Ultimate 7.3 - JanitzaAlarms

Every user can set limit values ​​of different quantities. When a limit value is exceeded, the user is alerted. That can be done in different ways.

For example via a notification in the user interface on the desktop, but also via e-mail or via an external system (if GridVis is integrated in it). The alarms are recorded by means of logbook registration.

Periodic usage reports

Power Quality report - GridVis® Ultimate 7.3 - Janitza

Companies that have to comply with the European Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) have the need to automatically generate periodic consumption reports in order to trace the most important consumers, to find savings potential and to demonstrate a reduction in energy consumption. GridVis can generate these reports automatically. Various calculations can also be made based on cost centers or geographical locations.

Reports of dips, peaks and Power Quality

In addition to consumption, GridVis is able to generate reports of the load on the installation, malfunctions such as dips and peaks and power quality deviations.

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