Maximum safety for people and production

In 2015, Luca Salgarelli, the CEO of Inxpect SpA, had an idea about the possibility of using radar for applications no one had ever thought of before. Radar technology has numerous advantages over other technologies because it can work in 3D under difficult conditions (smoke, dust and liquids). Therefore, he decided this was the right time to invest in research into the best application areas, and it turned out to be a good move.

In recent years, Inxpect was the first and only company to develop radar sensors with SIL2/PLd certification. The videos below explain in a simple way what Inxpect radar sensors can be used for to guarantee maximum safety for your employees and production process.

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Application example: restart protection using Inxpect radar sensors

Application example: radar sensors on a bridge crane prevent collision

Application example: access protection around a moving machine

Application example: Inxpect radar sensors prevent workplace accidents

Application example: detection of static objects at e.g. AVGs