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Your measurement data insightful

Janitza GridVis is an energy management tool that collects data from various consumption meters and power analyzers. The software converts this data into understandable reports, visualization and alarms.

Preparation energy reports or prevention of production outages

The measured parameters are collected and stored and can, inter alia, be used for the preparation of (management) energy reports or for the prevention of production outages before actual disruption occurs. The software is modular and suitable for building systems for energy management, load management, power quality monitoring and earth fault monitoring.


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Gridvis analysis software - Janitza

Why GridVis?

The software is certified according to ISO 50001. All variables can be monitored with freely adjustable values. As soon as limit values ​​are exceeded, the alarm is reported in the web-based alarm manager and an e-mail can be sent with an alarm message.

Features GridVis® energy analysis software:

  • Various export functions to Excel, PDF or CSV
  • Report generator for automatic generation of cost and quality reports
  • GridVis® is ISO50001 compliant and TUV certified
  • Fortop offers online support
  • An integrated package for configuring measuring instruments and analyzing measurement data

With GridVis you can quickly and easily create your own web-based dashboards and overviews with a large number of functions and images, without programming knowledge.

Use the standard reports or create your own reports. The GridVis® software provides a standard function library containing statistics, line diagrams, pie charts, heat maps, CBEMA curves, line writers, tables, Sankey diagrams, essential performance indicators (KPIs), etc. Reports optimized for EnMS and meeting the standards EN 50160 & EN 61000-2-4 evaluation.

Most complete power monitoring software - GridVis® Ultimate

GridVis® is the newest version of the web-based power monitoring software from Janitza, which allows you to create web-based visualizations yourself. GridVis® collects data from various consumption meters and power analyzers. The software converts this data into comprehensible reports, visualizations and alarms.

Measurement data always visible everywhere

The collected data is stored on an external server, so that the data can be accessed at any desired moment, at any location. Janitza GridVis® has three different licenses, of which the Expert version is the most complete. 

Power monitoring software - Janitza GridVis®
GridVis energy analysis software - Janitza

Janitza GridVis license build-up

Janitza GridVis consists of several variants. The energy analysis software Janitza GridVis is built up step by step, with the different variants having more and more functionality. The different Janitza Gridvis variants:

  • Essential 
  • Standard 
  • Expert

GridVis® Essential

  • Configuring Janitza Devices
  • Manual data downloads for Janitza Devices
  • Chart function for historical values (min/max/average)
  • Graphs function
  • Graph function for dips and peaks
  • Basic reports and exports
GridVis® Essential - Janitza GridVis®
GridVis® Standard - Energy analysis software - Janitza

GridVis® Standard

  • All the functions of GridVis Essential
  • Server installation
  • Online recorder for Janitza devices
  • User management
  • Web-based basic visualisation for current and historic readings
  • Automatic PQ reports and exports
  • EnMS reports and exports
  • CSV and MSCONS data imports

GridVis® Expert

  • All the functions of GridVis Standard
  • Alarm management
  • Sankey diagrams, KPI's and heatmaps
  • Online recorder for "non-janitza" devices
  • OPC-UA Client
  • Comtrade, MSCONS data exports


GridVis® Expert - Energy analysis software - Janitza

GridVis® tutorials

Visit the GridVis® e-learning portal with tutorials, information, short introductions and useful tips.

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