The economical alternative to stainless steel: M12 plastic nuts

ESCHA plastic nut - fortop UKESCHA recently developed extremely robust plastic nuts for demanding applications in transport vehicles or agricultural vehicles. They are available in four colours.

Plastic knurled nuts have a distinct advantage over stainless steel knurled nuts: they are a cost effective, but certainly not a cheap alternative. Due to high-quality plastics, they are resistant to media and temperature and are perfectly suitable for applications in the field of mobile applications.

Extreme environments

In this environment, connectors must withstand cleaning with high water pressure, mud and oil and withstand extreme temperatures in summer and winter. These plastic connectors from ESCHA are easy to clean and can withstand temperatures from -30 ° C to + 90 ° C. In addition, UV stabilizers prevent them from becoming porous or rough.


Less installation errors due to different colours

The plastic nuts are available in four colours: black, gray, red and blue. This makes it easy to mark, match and differentiate connectors. This improves recognisability and prevents mismatching during installation in the application.

Their unique design allows you to tighten the plastic locknuts by hand or with a wrench. In addition, they comply with the standard IEC 61076-2-101 and meet the high protection levels up to IP67 and IP68.

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