Divisible current transformers Eleq TQ series

Divisible current transformers - TQ series - ELEQ

The placing of energy measurements in existing installations are in practice often problems. Fortop has some smart solutions for connecting energy meters in existing plants included in its program. Read more about current transformers.

Problems which arise in the placement of energy measurements in existing installations are:

  • There is little room for the placement of measuring transformers.
  • Loosening cabling costs a lot of money.
  • It is not always possible to cut the power.
  • The required accuracy class can not be met.

The split current transformers from the ELEQ TQ-line robust power transformers 'click' quick one to mount the current-carrying conductor is. The compact dimensions and precise class provide the perfect retro-fit solution. The secondary current and power (1A, max 0,2VA) are ideally suited for connection to the digital meters from Janitza.


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Features & specifications

  • Ideal for applications in small spaces
  • One click to mount
  • After the audible click is a reliable measurement guaranteed
  • Including 5m color coded foothills
  • Class and power at the end of the foothills specified

The influence of an error of the measuring transformer on the total measurement is underestimated in practice. Therefore gives Fortop each project advice on choosing the right transducer for the right application.