The 26-series capacitive sensors from Rechner Sensors are High Performance (HP) sensors with unique characteristics in terms of size and shape of the sensor. The 26-series sensors perform better than any sensor when it comes to ignoring material accumulation. Without moving parts, the 26-series sensor distinguishes itself from other picky level sensors such as: vibrating rods, tuning forks and paddle wheels that are sensitive to cavitation, bridging and jamming of material accumulation. The 26 series has two models: 1 model for high dielectric materials (such as ketchup and bread batter) and 1 model for everything else (eg cereals, flour and alcohol products).

High Performance line

High-quality capacitive sensors are equipped with Rechner's leading Quattro EMC protection against interference voltage, electrostatic discharge, electromagnetic radiation and temporary bursts. The High Performance line also has superior drift characteristics of the temperature built into the sensor, so that the machines continue to work accurately on the coldest nights and on the hottest days. In addition, High Performance Sensors are linearly optimized so that they detect a large number of dielectric products at the same distance. This is useful if your product can have variations in materials or in grain size: such as in mixed grains or mixed plastics. All these functions translate into a much more stable signal for you, the user.



High Performance (HP) capacitive sensors 26-series - Rechner Sensors


  • One setting for different materials
  • Classical vs semicircular electrodes: the shape of the housing is adapted for optimal detection
  • The sensors are available in different lengths and dimensions, such as M22, M30, M32 and 1 "
  • The range of the active zone of the sensor has been developed so that CIP / SIP to 121 °C is possible.
  • Ambient temperature depending on the model up to 100 oC

Designed for bulk materials and liquids

The 26 Series Capacitive Level Sensor by Rechner Sensors is designed for the level control of bulk materials and liquids. The housing material is PEEK with a surface quality Ra of 0.8 µm. PEEK is mechanically very robust, has an excellent chemical resistance and is allowed to be in contact with food. The 26 Series Capacitive Level Sensor is EHEDG certified.

The capacitive sensor has no moving parts and is therefore not subject to wear or tear. It is ideal for applications where traditionally Rotary Switches, Vibrating Forks or Mechanical Switches are being used.

The sensor has a G 1/2 inch process connection which can be used with a large range of accessories like welding brackets or ÑVarivent N DN 50" flanges that are offered by Rechner.


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26-series capacitieve sensors - Rechner Sensors

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