One level sensor with all properties for controlling the filling height of tanks or hoppers

KFX TrueLevel – Rechner Sensors

Imagine that you can mount, connect, teach a level sensor at the touch of a button and that the entire set-up would be ready?


If the level sensor also has a built-in amplifier and indicates the same level height for each liquid, you have all the desired properties in one level sensor. This is possible with the high performance KFX TrueLevel level sensor from Rechner Sensors.


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One setting for commissioning

With this new level sensor, all electronics are integrated in the G1 "mounting head. Due to the patented three-electrode concept from Rechner Sensors, each sensor has a reference area for compensating for the different liquids (even at low values such as ≥ Ɛr 1.2). Er therefore only one setting is required to commission a new level sensor For remote teach-in and control of the installed level sensor there is the “EasyTeach by Wire” function (ETW) for remote teach-in and control of the installed level sensor Read more about capacitive sensors. Read more about capacitive sensors.

Another advantage is that the new KFX TrueLevel level sensors are set with an empty container that delivers a linear analogue output signal over the entire filling range, of each medium, in 4-20 mA or 0-10 V DC.

Available materials are PTFE, PEEK or GFK. These are also available in variants of high-quality material with certification for applications in the food or pharmaceutical industry. With the maximum probe length of 2 meters, most applications are solved. Read more about inductive sensors. Read more about inductive sensors.

The TrueLevel KFX level sensor from Rechner is ideal for applications where different liquids are processed with one machine.

All TrueLevel analog level sensors have an alarm output for indicating a low level. This is positioned in the reference area, at the end of the probe for controlling a tank or hopper control.

Features of the KFX TrueLevel level sensors

  • Easy assembly + one teach-in operation
  • Empty tank, hopper or barrel adjustment
  • All electronics fully integrated in the mounting head
  • Automatic media compensation (≥ 1.2)
  • High reliability and accuracy of level detection
  • Stable 4-20mA or 0-10V DC analog output for direct system integration
  • 18-36V DC supply voltage + standard M12 connector
  • Housing of certified FDA + pharmaceutical materials
  • Solid-state electronics without moving parts for a long service life
  • Wide range of process fittings and fixings available