Absolute encoder with flat magnetic ring - SMAB - Lika

Absolute encoder - SMAB - Lika Electronic

Absolute encoder with plane magnetic ring and large hollow shaft diameter of 80mm, Lika Electronic's SMAB absolute encoder is highly suitable for extreme environments and for large-diameter shafts or drive shafts and harsh environments. The low profile allows the encoder to be installed where space is at a premium.

Features absolute encoder SMAB:

  • Flat magnetic ring with large axis (Ø80 mm/3.149 ")
  • Lateral magnetic readout, 16-18 bit
  • High sealing degree IP69K
  • Ideal for integration in robots, radars, antennas and motors

High rotation speeds

Electrical integration of the 16- or 18-bit encoder is done through the SSI interface. In addition to standard functions such as zeroing and direction of rotation, an error message is also available. The integrated LED signals correct operation and air gap conformity.

The non-contact design allows high rotation speeds, making this encoder highly suitable for direct positioning of robots, direct industrial drives, radars and antennas. Read more about absolute encoders.


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Non-contact detection

Together with the flat magnetic ring MRAB, the SMAB encoder combines the characteristics of a 'shaftless' design with the advantage that detection is contactless and maintenance-free.

The flat ring is 6mm thick with the magnetic poles on the side where conventional types have them on the axial side.

The fully encapsulated electronics guarantee a protection degree of IP69K. This also makes the encoder highly resistant to shocks, vibrations, dust accumulation and contamination by liquids.

What makes the SMAB unique?

Lika's SMAB absolute encoder combines the advantages of the shaftless design with the benefits of the non-contact and wear-free magnetic scanning method. The absolute encoder is distinguished by its 6 mm / 0.236" thick flat ring with large continuous hollow shaft (80 mm / 3.149" bore, up to 95 mm / 3.74) and unconventional installation.

IP69K protection rating

(in the direction of the longitudinal axis) and the low-profile sensing head is mounted over the flat surface of the ring instead of radially as usual. The SMAB encoder has fully cast-on electronics which offers guarantees up to an IP69K protection rating and is resistant to dust, liquids, shock and vibration. The absolute encoder is also resistant to contaminants and interference. In addition, the SMAB offers excellent durability under adverse conditions and cleaning applications.

Absolute encoder SMAB

SMAB has a resolution of 16 bits (higher resolutions are possible on request) and provides the absolute information using the SSI interface. Along with standard functions such as zeroing and direction counting, it also provides warnings to the user and information about 'wrong' bits. The encoder has an integrated LED indicator for signals of correct operation. The absolute encoder has an output for a cable and for an M12 connector.

Rotational speed of 6000 rpm 

With its compact slim design and high permissible rotation speed (6000 rpm max), the SMAG encoder is suitable for position control of motors, direct drives, industrial robots, radars and antennas and applications with limited measurement and installation space.


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