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An encoder is a measuring device that translates shaft rotation into an analogue or digital signal. The signal is transmitted via a communication protocol and translated into speed, distance or position. Industrial Ethernet encoders use the standards developed for Ethernet and apply the standards to the development of data communication for controlling and operating production processes. Protocols for Industrial Ethernet include EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, POWERLINK and Modbus TCP.

Features Industrial Ethernet encoder

The number of revolutions (single-turn or multiturn), resolution, protection class, housing type, type of cable and cable connection, connectors and shaft properties are important factors when choosing an Industrial Ethernet encoder. Besides the functional characteristics of an Industrial Ethernet encoder, the environment in which the equipment has to operate is also important. Factory equipment must be able to withstand high and low temperatures, vibrations, physical contamination and tolerate more electrical noise than equipment installed in dedicated wiring cabinets for data communication.

Fieldbus vs. Industrial Ethernet

Fieldbuses and Industrial Ethernet are not necessarily competitors of each other. Both data communication protocols have their own areas of application. Industrial Ethernet was developed to transport large amounts of data to devices quickly and efficiently. With fieldbuses, the optimisation is mainly towards simple hardware, cheap wiring and optimal transport of small amounts of data. Ethernet is the successor to the "old" fieldbuses based on serial communication via 2 or 4 wires. 


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Single-turn en multi-turn - Industrial Ethernet encoderIndustrial Ethernet encoder -EM58 HS58 HM58 - Lika Electronic

Lika EM58 - HS58 - HM58

Lika Electronic's absolute encoders are available in single- and multi-turn variants, in a standard 58 mm housing. The absolute encoders are available with output shaft from 6 mm to 12 mm and with a hollow shaft of 14 or 15 mm. The absolute encoders are powered by a standard M12 connector. For encoder applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries, variants with a stainless steel housing are available. Read more about absolute encoders.

Single turn: 18 bit. Multi turn easy 13x14 bits (EM58), multi turn hoge resolution 16x14 bits (HM58).

Lika EtherCAT® encoders - 58 EC-serieIndustrial Ethernet encoder - EtherCat - Lika Electronic

The absolute encoder EM58/HS58/HM58 EC series have a cycle time of only 62.5 µs, allowing instant reading of the encoder position. The encoders with EtherCat® interface have fast and precise optical detection. The EC series has an IP65 protection rating and can withstand temperatures from -25 °C and +85 °C with a rotational speed of up to 6000 rpm. The absolute encoder has a standard M12 connection. 

Profinet® interface - Lika PT-serieIndustrial Ethernet encoder - PROFINET - Lika Electronic

Lika absolute encoders communicating using a Profinet® interface operate with a PNO encoder profile N° 3.162 V4.1 and a dynamically assigned IP address via DCP. 

The encoders with Profinet® have a protection rating of IP65 and can withstand temperatures from -25°C and +85°C. With a maximum rotational speed of 6000 rpm, the encoder has fast, precise optical detection. Read more about incremental encoders.

EtherNet/IP™ en Ethernet Powerlink - Lika 58-serieIndustrial Ethernet encoder - Powerlink Ethernet IP - Lika Electronic

Lika's encoders communicating via the Ethernet/IP™ and Ethernet Powerlink interface have fast and accurate optical perception and are highly resistant to magnetic fields. Communication operates at 100 Mbit/s in half duplex. Half duplex enables the encoder to send information in both directions, but not simultaneously. The absolute encoder has an integrated hub. The nodes are set via dip switches. 

The EM58 is an absolute encoder for universal applications. The HS58 and HM58 variants can be used for high-performance applications. The encoders have a standard M12 connection. 

Ethernet/IP™ & Ethernet Powerlink features: 

  • IP65 degree of protection
  • 6000 rpm rotation speed
  • Withstands temperatures from -25 °C and +85 °C

Modbus TCP/IP encoder - MT 58-series - Lika ElectronicIndustrial Ethernet encoder - Modbus - Lika Electronic

Lika's absolute encoders that communicate via the Modbus TCP/IP interface with fast and precise optical observation feature an integrated web server that allows parameter configuration via a standard web browser. The encoder displays both position and speed and is equipped with the necessary status LEDs for easy diagnosis. 

The encoders have a protection rating of IP65 and can withstand temperatures of -25°C and +85°C with a rotational speed of 6000 rpm.