The smallest absolute multiturn encoder on the market

Mini Absolute Multiturn SSI-encoder Ø 36mm - SCANCON

Absolute multiturn encoder SCA36AN - SCANCON

Today, industrial designs require innovative products with solutions for limited dimensions. In addition, high performance and accurate detections remain a requirement. To meet these requirements, SCANCON has developed a new mini-encoder: the smallest absolute multi-turn encoder with an SSI interface that exists - SCANCON SCA36AN.

Applications mini multiturn encoder

This new absolute multi-turn encoder is a solution for motion control, limit switches, automatic doors and small AC motor feedback. The encoder can be used in all kinds of robot and automation applications.

Multiturn encoders

Multiturn encoders are absolute encoders that keep track of the number of revolutions in addition to the position. Read more about incremental and absolute encoders


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