Safety strips for automatic sliding gates, doors and access systems

Safety strips for automatic sliding gates - BBC Bircher Smart AccessElectronic safety strips are used for securing bottlenecks in automatic sliding gates, doors and access systems. The available BBC Bircher smart access CoverLine series sizes were 55, 81 and 105 mm. An intermediate size was not available yet. Therefore, Bircher developed a new switch profile in the CoverLine series, the EPE040/067A0J. This new profile has a height of 67 mm and is a highly valuable addition to our range. Read more about electronic safety strips. 

High response sensitivity for reliable protection

The control pad has been integrated in the upper layer of the rubber, as in the other CoverLine editions. This way less force is required to switch the strip bringing the moving object to a halt. A mere 60N of force and 5mm of pressure (based on the standard test on the C3 with 1m/s at 20°C) is sufficient to make the strip switch.

Easy assembly due to decreased curvature of the switch pad

This optimised position of the switch pad, combined with the patented Chamber Height Reduction Effect, ensures easy assembly of the switch strip to the rubber. Once the rubber has been clicked into the aluminium, the switch pad is compressed in size which shortens the response time.

CoverLine obtainable with fitting casings - BBC Bircher Smart Access

CoverLine obtainable with fitting casings

In addition to the new profile EPE/040/067A0J, the new flexible casing EN-C81 is now available. This casing is suitable for the new profile as well as its older brother EPE040/081A0J.

We deliver a perfect integration in challenging designs of gates and doors with a secret aluminium rail and casings. This new profile completes the CoverLine series.

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