Rugged high-precision encoder ASC85 - Lika Electronic

Absolute encoder met holle as - ASC85 - Lika Electronics

The ASC85 absolute encoder is Lika Electronic's flagship product with hollow continuous shaft and very high resolution and accuracy. The ASC85 absolute encoder is redundantly built for reliable operation. With its high resolution of 25 bit and stainless steel housing, it is suitable for applications where both precision and robustness are important. Read more about absolute encoders. 

The encoder is ideal for high-precision position control in demanding applications such as robotics, radar and antennas, military applications and advanced general industrial applications.

ASC85 absolute encoder features:  

  • Stainless steel housing IP65 with 50mm/1.9685" continuous hollow shaft 
  • Resolution up to 25 bit single turn (33,554,432 ppr) with accuracy ±0.005°
  • SSI and BiSS C-mode interfaces
  • Permitted operating temperature range -40°C to +100°C
  • Cable or connector connection (M12 or M23)


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