Scancon nano encoder SCH09 - Small but high resolution

Nano encoder small size SCH09 | Scancon

Modern industrial designs demand smaller size as well as high performance. Scancon smallest encoder is the 09 millimeter encoder for applications in Mini Motors, Pick'n Place Machines, Testing and Medical as well as many other industries: the SCH09.

The Scancon SCH09 is the world's smallest, high-resolution incremental encoder. Designed with SMT and micro-medical applications in mind, the encoder has a diameter of 9 mm and offers line counts up to 1,000 puls/rev (4,000 counts). The encoder can be used in handheld or desktop instrumentation as well as standard pick-n-place machines and other automation equipment.

The SCH09 uses true lines on disk rather than interpolated lower line counts to provide increased accuracy. This encoder is supplied with a Differential output, can operate at 12,000 rpm (200 kHz), and has an operating temperature range of -20°C to +70°C. The SCH09 is available for mounting on most major brands of fractional horsepower motors that supply a 2 mm diameter shaft.

Features of the Nano encoder SCH09:

  • Micro Hollow Shaft Encoder
  • Ø 9 mm
  • Hollow Bore Ø 2 mm – Ø 4 mm
  • 1000 (ppr) resolution
  • Applications: Mini Motors, Pick'n & Place machines, Packaging, Testing

SCANCON Encoders has manufactured micro-industrial encoders for over 30 years for applications in Pick'n Place Machines, Wind, Mining, Oil & gas, Packaging and food & beverage machines. Scancon specializes in offering our customers a range of ultra-small encoders that provides the industry's highest resolution. Read more about incremental and absolute encoders.


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