Scancon SCH68SUB model, an encoder designed specifically for subsea operations.

Encoder for subsea SCH68SUB | Scancon

In recent years, exploration and production companies have focused on designing and installing subsea facilities. One of the many difficulties they encountered was the inability of encoders to work in the subsea environment unless housed in a pressurized container. Scancon recognized the need for an encoder that could operate in this harsh ocean environment and developed the SCH68SUB, the industry's first heavy-duty encoder for use in subsea operations.

The SCH68SUB is designed for offshore applications that require operation at water depths down to - 6000 meters. Unique among its competitors, the SCH68SUB does not require a pressurized container. The SCH68SUB is a magnetic incremental encoder offering a ø 20 mm or ø 1 inch hollow bore, resolution of 2048 ppr, and an environmental rating of IP 68.

The SCH68SUB is ideal for use in subsea robotics, ROVs and other seafloor applications that require motion control or position feedback. Read more about incremental and absolute encoders.

Features of SCH68SUB incremental encoder:

  • Operation at water depths to - 6000 meters
  • Small footprint - Ø 68mm
  • High resolution - 2048 ppr
  • Hollow shaft options: ø 20mm and ø 1 inch
  • Environmental Protection – IP 68


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