The Janitza UMG 801, the only real modular all-in-one analyzer

The UMG 801 all-in-one analyzer from Janitza is the standard solution for measuring low voltage main distributors and network stations up to 1000V CAT III. 2 x 4 current transformers can be connected to the basic device, so that a transformer field and a generator field (or another form of generation) can be measured with one device.

The new standard for measurements in LS main distributors and network stations

The measurement of earth fault currents, temperatures, pulses, and/or status messages from switches completes the modular analyzer. The UMG 801 knows how to combine energy monitoring (according to ISO 500001), power quality monitoring and earth fault monitoring (RCM) in one device.

Communication protocols

In addition, the UMG 801 is equipped with various communication interfaces and supports various open protocols (including OPC UA), which allows for easy integration into ERP, GBS and energy management systems.


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All-in-one analyzer UMG 801 - Janitza

Janitza UMG 801, the only real, compact modular all-in-one analyzer

Features of the UMG 801:

  • Basic unit with 8 current measurement inputs, 2 RCM inputs and various I / Os
  • Up to 92 current measurement channels can be measured with one system
  • Measuring voltage inputs 1000V CAT III, auxiliary voltage 24VDC
  • OPC UA, Modbus TCP / IP, Modbus RTU / RS485
  • High sampling rate (51.2 kHz) and harmonic analysis up to 127-th order
  • DIN rail housing with high-resolution color display
  • 4 GB internal memory, enough for storing 80 million readings
  • Accuracy class 0.2 for kWh and electricity
Modular all-in-one analyzer - UMG 801 - Janitza
UMG 801 - Janitza 800-CT8-A extension modules

UMG 801 extension modules

Expansion modules

The extension modules can be used to add up to 92 current measurement channels, so that all outgoing fields in a distributor or network station can be measured with one system.

Two 3-phase fields per module

Two 3-phase fields can be connected per module. Because the expansion modules do not require measuring voltage, auxiliary voltage and additional bus cabling, enormous savings are made on installation costs.


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Advantages UMG 801 - Janitza

  • High operating voltage of 1000V CAT III makes it ideal for 690V systems.
  • Modular system to which two 3-phase groups, including zero current measurement, can be connected per extension module.
  • Save on installation time and costs of expansion modules because it is not necessary to connect measuring voltage, auxiliary voltage and bus cabling.
  • Save on space because two 3-phase fields can be measured with one module.
  • By easily integrating the open protocols into SCADA, ERP, GBS or energy management systems.
  • High measurement accuracy (U / I / kWh - class 0.2)
  • User-friendly, high-resolution color display.
  • Easy to integrate into networks through integrated Ethernet connection with switch function.
  • Web-based plug & play software available for visualization, reports and alarms.
DIN mounting UMG 801 all-in-one analyzer - Janitza
Level measurement analyzer UMG 801 - Janitza

Applications for the UMG 801

  • Measuring main distributors in industry, data centers, hospitals and other critical applications
  • Monitors distribution stations and network stations in public electricity networks
  • Measuring network stations at wind turbines and solar parks
  • Energy distribution systems for offshore applications

The UMG 801 combines the level 2 and level 3 measurement in 1 measurement system.

Power monitoring

The open communication and automation protocols such as Modbus TCP and OPC UA make it easy to integrate the UMG 801 into existing SCADA, ERP, GBS or energy management systems.

In combination with the GridVis® software solutions from fortop, the UMG 801 offers the following functions:

  • Visualization and storage of most relevant measurement values
  • Consumption manager per group of measuring points
  • Alarm manager for overcurrent & power failure
  • Periodic usage reports with export function
  • Export of the most relevant measured values


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UMG 801 connected to GridVis® energy monitoring software - Janitza
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