Auer Signal RDMUP series - the brightest multifunctional signal lamp in the world

RDMUP signaallampen van Auer Signal

With the RDMUP series of signal lamps introduced in January 2024, Auer Signal has launched the brightest signal lamp in the world. With, depending on the colour, a luminous intensity of up to as much as 450 candela (cd), this lamp can be seen even in direct sunlight, increasing safety. The RDMUP series has different functionalities in terms of signalling for a wide range of applications.

Because the light is focused at a small beam angle, it is possible to enable signalling over particularly long distances. Focusing the light in this way also prevents glare when standing close to the lamp.

Auer Signal's RDMUP (Ultra Performance) series offers a high degree of safety for signalling over long distances, especially outdoors. For this reason, the lamps are all IP66 rated so that they can be permanently installed outdoors. These signal lamps are therefore particularly suitable for ports, gates, large moving equipment, heavy machinery, etc.


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Always the right colour for your application

De 6 kleuren van de RDMUP serie

The RDMUP series is available in 6 different colours:

This variety of colours makes it possible to find the right colour lamp for every application.

RDMUP series beats competition with easeAuer Signal - vergelijking met andere merken

When it comes to a comparison with other brands, the RDMUP series beats other brands with ease. In the picture (click on the image to enlarge), you can clearly see that the RDMUP series lamps are by far the best visible over long distances. By focusing the light coming out of the lamp, a powerful beam of light is obtained that is still clearly visible even in strong ambient light, even in direct sunlight. This makes Auer Signal's RDMUP series the signal lamp for outdoors.

No glare near the signal lamp

When a lamp gives off so much light that it is also visible over long distances, it is natural to fear glare. Auer Signal's RDMUP series is designed so that there is no glare when one is in close proximity to the lamp. By emitting the light at a small angle, it is focused and has a huge range. It also prevents glare from someone standing close to the lamp. The image below makes this easily clear.

Multifunctional signal light

The RDMUP LED signal lamps are all multifunctional. This means that each lamp possesses multiple signalling functions. These include constant light, flashing light, strobe and pulsating light. This variety of functions makes it possible to choose the way of signalling without having to buy all kinds of different types of signal lamps. 

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Housing and mountingRDMUP signaallampen van Auer Signal

The housing of the RDMUP series is a Ø 110 mm polycarbonate housing with IK08 impact resistance. The special ribbed lens provides a bundled light beam, making the light of the RDMUP series, even in sunlight, visible from a great distance. Its IP66 and UL type 4/4x/13 rating and its temperature resistance from -30 °C to +60 °C make it suitable for outdoor use.


In terms of mounting, the RDMUP series can be mounted on all R series mounting brackets. These brackets are available for horizontal or vertical installation or for mounting on a pipe (Ø 25 mm). In addition, acoustic modules are also available for the R series for acoustic signalling.


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