Control switch for extreme conditions and explosive environments

Steute Ex BF 80 seriesEX BF 80-serie bedieningsschakelaars - steute

Environmental conditions greatly affect the durability and functionality of switchgear. Extreme heat or cold, dust, moisture, water, indoor or outdoor use, explosion sensitivity and corrosion resistance, there are many conditions where classic control switches do not work or cause problems. The Ex BF 80 series control switches from steute are ideally suited for these demanding environments.

ATEX / IECEx certificate

The Ex BF-80 series control switches carry the ATEX/IECEx certificate and have been developed for use in potentially explosive environments with a temperature range of -60°C to +65°C. These unique properties open up additional applications for explosion-proof control equipment, for example in shipbuilding, offshore technology and the oil and gas industry.

Housing with one, two or three control units

The new series is available in three housing sizes for one, two or three control units. The user can choose between different controls, pilot lights and key switches. This includes emergency stop buttons and mushroom buttons. All models are suitable for mounting on machine housings or on walls and panels. The control switches have a protection degree of IP66. Read more about push buttons and control switches.


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