Wireless laser sensors for material stock detection

RF 96 SDS-NET laser sensor - steute NexyRF 96 SDS-NET laser sensor - steute Nexy

With Nexy, steute focuses on intralogistics. Mobile material provision with automatic detection and recording of load carriers plays an important role in this sector. The wireless RF 96 SDS-NET laser sensor is a very suitable solution for the detection and monitoring of material supplies so that the user can achieve complete material monitoring in production, assembly and / or warehouse.

The RF 96 SDS-NET laser sensor has a compact design and is equipped with a wireless sWave.net module. Integration and mounting in wireless sWave.NET systems is therefore easy and fast, even in confined spaces. 

Wireless laser sensor applications

The laser sensor can be used in various applications. For example, to detect larger bins, where other sensors would be too exposed, to detect small load carriers that are too low weight for mechanical switches, and to detect smaller parts located in the eKanban rack. In addition, the laser sensors are capable of detecting dolly trucks in a monorail system. 

In the above applications, the laser sensors automatically detect the stock. This information is transmitted to the Warehouse Management System via the wireless sensor network (NEXY). When the minimum stock level is reached, the replenishment of new materials is activated.

Optical Time of Flight

The distance is determined by measuring the transit time of a light pulse (Optical Time of Flight). This measuring principle has the advantage that the sensor's switching point is only slightly dependent on the colour and material of the object. Ambient conditions such as dirt and dust hardly affect the measurement results. The distance to the object to be detected can be set from 50 mm to 500 mm. Read more about steute nexy - wireless network with sensors and switches.

Highlights RF 96 SDS-NET laser sensor: 

  • Non-contact optical sensor technology not subject to wear and tear
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Process-safe for controls with low-contrast, reflective surfaces
  • Insensitive to optical interference
  • Protection class of IP54


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