Wireless I / O box for the wireless transmission of switching signals

Wireless I / O box for the wireless transmission of switching signals - steute

The RF I/O-Box from steute is a collection point for up to four switches or sensors and can transmit signals wirelessly from all switches and sensors simultaneously. The wireless system is particularly suitable for signal transmission from moving parts, such as grippers, tools, or in applications where cable rubbers, which are currently subject to wear, are used.

Troublesome wiring in compact machines

Another application for the RF I/O-Box is very compact machines (or machine parts) where it is difficult to install wiring. The wireless system increases the availability of the machine or installation because no interference can occur through cabling.

Connectable to multiple switches

The I/O-Box collects signals from up to four mechanical switches, regardless of make. The battery version is suitable for the connection of inductive sensors, e.g. the RF IS M8 - M30 series from steute. These are especially designed for wireless applications and require a voltage of 3.6 V. The 24V DC version of the I/O-Box can also process signals from all common 24V PNP sensors.


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Features RF I/O box

  • sWave® technology (SW868/SW915)
  • Suitable for 4 sensors of the RF wireless series and/or external NO contacts
  • Version with battery or external power supply
  • Output individually configurable
  • Simple programmable receiver

Setting and monitoring a status signal