ESCHA is launching two new cable qualities

Industrial Ethernet and EtherCat cables - ESCHA

Connectivity specialist ESCHA is known for a fast and flexible implementation of specific customer requirements. For example, they now come with two new cable qualities: PVC cable for industrial Ethernet and an EtherCAT cable with yellow outer jacket.

The new PVC cable is tailored for industrial Ethernet applications that place minimal demands on energy chain and torsion capabilities. A new EtherCAT cable with yellow outer jacket is particularly predestined for application areas in the automotive assembly industry where this color is mandatory. At the market launch, ESCHA has developed a wide range of products for both cable qualities, each consisting of M8, M12 and RJ45 connectors in different variants.


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PVC cable for Industrial Ethernet

Industrial Ethernet and EtherCat cables - ESCHAESCHA has been offering a wide choice of connectors and cable qualities for industrial Ethernet applications for years. These cable qualities are suitable for medium and high mechanical loads and for robot applications that place high demands on flexibility. Due to the increasing demand for a cost-effective solution for applications with low mechanical loads, ESCHA is also coming with a corresponding PVC cable called S5200. This new cable is PNO compliant and perfectly suited for applications where energy chain and torsion properties are not important.

ESCHA already presented an extensive product portfolio with M8, M12 and RJ45 connectors at the market launch. All components with the new cable quality guarantee reliable data transmission in accordance with Cat5e and comply with sealing classes IP67 and IP68.

EtherCAT with yellow cable jacket

Industrial Ethernet and EtherCat cables - ESCHA

Meanwhile, cable quality with yellow outer jackets has become mandatory in many EtherCAT applications - demand is increasing, especially in the field of assembly in the automotive industry. ESCHA is expanding its EtherCAT program with a corresponding cable called S1329. This cable guarantees industry-ready Cat5e data transmission that meets the real-time requirements of IEC 61158. Due to its flexible structure, the cable is suitable for energy chains and can withstand more than 5 million bending cycles.

Different versions with M8 (four-pin), M12 (four-pin, D-coded) and RJ45 connectors are now available. Thanks to the UL certification, the products can also be used in the North American market.


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