Vision sensor makes the invisible visible 

VISOR® UV - SensoPartVISOR® UV - SensoPart

SensoPart's VISOR® UV with integrated UV lighting can evaluate markings, inscriptions and codes invisible to the human eye. With its wide range of functions, the VISOR® UV is unique on the market and opens up a multitude of new applications. 

Invisible to the human eye

The effect is similar to the well-known "magic ink": Inks, paints, chalks and adhesives enriched with luminescent substances, the so-called luminophores, are invisible to the human eye. They only light up when irradiated with ultraviolet light, in different colours depending on the substance used. This property can be used in applications to evaluate markings on objects that are invisible to the naked eye. For example, markings after passing quality tests, fastenings on screws with luminescent paint, invisible glue or data matrix codes for product identification. 

The only one on the market

The VISOR® UV is the only vision sensor with integrated UV illumination on the market that also offers very comprehensive image processing functions. For the evaluation of luminous markings, the SensoPart user has the same comprehensive detection tools as the classic illumination variants (white, red, infrared) of the VISOR® Allround series. This opens up a wide range of application possibilities in object detection, measurement, robotics and code reading. 

Options and variants VISOR® UV sensors

The UV version of the VISOR® is available with two different resolutions (V20: 1440 x 1080 pixels; V50: 2560 x 1936 pixels) and optionally with a monochrome or colour chip. The colour chip offers the additional option of filtering images based on colour channels to maximise the contrast between the marker and the background and thus the reliability of detection.  

This is done simply by a setting in the sensor configuration; separate colour filters are no longer needed and application costs are saved. Even with this filter function, the VISOR® UV can claim a unique position on the market. 


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Video: Detecting invisible ink with VISOR® UV