The smallest active filter

Sinexcel Blade - Active harmonic filter 15

Sinexcel Blade - AHF 015

The introduction of the Sinexcel Blade is an absolute breakthrough. Usually a central point is the best place to compensate for harmonics. In practice, this is usually next to the mains transformer or at the low-voltage main distributor. In some cases it is necessary to filter harmonic currents directly at the source. This also relieves the cabling and any sub-distributors of these unwanted currents. However, the installation options and dimensions at the source are often limited. In these applications, the Sinexcel Blade is the ideal solution.

Ideal solution for limited installation space

The filter is not much bigger than a laptop, has ultra low losses and weighs only 4.87kg. Ideal for applications where low power compensation is required. Read more about electronic compensation and active harmonic filters.

Features Sinexcel Blade AHF 015:

  • Not much bigger than a laptop
  • Suitable for rack and wall mounting
  • Low weight (4.87kg) and low losses
  • Filter harmonics at the source
  • Harmonic compensation up to the 61st order
  • Setup and monitoring via WIFI
  • Includes accessories for wall mounting
Applications of the Sinexcel Blade:
  • LED lighting compensation
  • Household applications
  • Frequency controlled air conditioners
  • Fans

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