Universal energy meter with communication UMG 103 | Janitza

Universele energiemeter met communicatie UMG 103 | Janitza

The Janitza UMG 103 universal energy meter from Janitza is a very compact universal device for mounting on DIN rail. Due to the compact dimensions, little space is required for the installation. Mounting on a 35 mm DIN rail significantly reduces installation and connection costs.

status LEDs

In order to be able to utilize the possibilities of modern measuring equipment, it is important to be able to read and analyze the measurement data via a network in a decentralized manner. For this reason, two LEDs have been chosen that indicate the status. Communication of the measurement data is via a fast RS485 / Modbus interface.

Universal energy meter UMG 604

In most cases, an energy meter such as the Janitza UMG 103 is sufficient in combination with high-quality analyzer (Netanalyser UMG 604-PRO) for undermeasuring. In this case, the UMG 103 delivers the measurement data to a higher network.

Via analyzers such as the UMG 604 with integrated Modbus / Ethernet port and integrated web server, the data is brought to Ethernet level or visualized on a web page. Applications include assigning costs to departments / production lines, monitoring subdivisions, engine control centers or in IT and data centers. Read more about universal energy meter UMG 604.


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Features UMG 103

  • Measurement in TN and TT networks
  • 3 voltage inputs (300V CATIII), 3 current inputs
  • Continuous scanning of the voltage and current inputs
  • High accuracy, class 0.5, U / I 0.2%
  • Harmonics analysis until the 25th
  • Software GridVis included
  • RS485 (Modbus RTU, Slave)
  • Mounting on DIN rail 35mm
  • Suitable for mounting in installation distributors