Active filters and power controller PRO-line

Sinexcel's completely redesigned active filters AHF PRO and power controller SVG PRO set new standards. They are based on silicon-carbide (SiC) technology, which leads to extremely low losses compared to filters built with silicon semiconductors (IGBTs).

PRO series electronic compensation systems - Sinexcel

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Completely renewed designPRO series electronic compensation systems - Sinexcel

The PRO-line design has been completely redesigned and is available for wall and rack mounting. The use of SiC technology enables a completely new design, which results in smaller dimensions and a significantly lower weight.

40% smaller dimensions

Smaller does not exist. Compensating up to 150A per phase in only 500x550x190mm! 

40% lower weight

The completely new design and compact construction allows a weight of only 40kg for a 150A filter per phase. 

Optimal filter efficiencyPRO series electronic compensation systems - Sinexcel

The PRO line with SiC technology has an efficiency of 98.5% compared to the 97% for the most common filters. Through this 50% lower loss rate we achieve:

53% less ventilation

The high efficiency of the PRO models ensures that the ventilation requirements are very low. This means that the compensation modules are easier to use for higher IP ratings.

33% less heat development

Less heat generation means longer service life, more energy savings and lower maintenance costs.

Overview table

Active filters and power controller PRO-line
  Active filters PRO-line Power controller PRO-line
  AHF 100-PRO AHF 150-PRO ASVG 100-PRO SVG 100-PRO
  AHF 100-PRO elektronisch compensatiesysteem - Sinexcel AHF 150-PRO elektronisch compensatiesysteem - Sinexcel ASVG 100-PRO elektronisch compensatiesysteem - Sinexcel SVG 100-PRO elektronisch compensatiesysteem - Sinexcel
Technical properties
Dimensions Wall mount 500x550x180mm / IP20
Rack mount 500x180x550mm / IP20
Reactive current compensation Dynamic inductive to capacitive, configurable up to 1.0
Compensation for imbalance between phases On/off (phase - phase & phase - N)
Harmonic compensation 2nd to the 50th harmonic 50% up to 11th order N/A
Capacity 100A per phase 150A per phase 100 kVar 100 kVar
Specifications and datasheets
Wandmodel 3P4W SL100077 SL100073 SL100057
Wandmodel 3P3W SL100075 SL100071 SL100055
Rackmodel 3P4W SL100076 SL100072 SL100056
Rackmodel 3P3W SL100074 SL100070 SL100054
IP21 option SL900088 SL900089 SL900089