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Janitza RCM 202-AB differentieel stroom monitoring

Janitza RCM 202-AB

Continuous monitoring of residual fault currents offers great advantages in critical applications such as hospitals and the process industry. Janitza's RCM 202-AB measures all types of residual current faults (RCM) with standard transformers for earth fault current measurements.

By continuously monitoring the earth fault current, it is possible to detect the undesired earth fault currents at an early stage. In this way, these flows can be prevented from damaging machines and equipment and these flows can be prevented from even causing dangerous situations to cause a fire.

Residual Current Monitoring

An RCM measurement (Residual Current Monitoring) according to DIN EN 62020 offers an alternative compared to conducting insulation tests (meggings) or implementing earth leakage circuit breakers, which involve a lot of effort and costs.

RCM 201-ROGO and RCM 202-AB allow continuous monitoring of TN-S systems and comply with DIN EN 62020 / VDE 0663 / IEC 62020. This refers to earth leakage monitoring equipment that monitors installations for the occurrence of earth fault currents and triggers an alarm as a set alarm value is exceeded.


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Monitoring from type A to B + redisual fault currents

The two-channel RCM analyzer complies with DIN EN 62020. A recurring insulation test can be omitted. Typical applications are low voltage main distributors (HVKs) and sub-distributors in grounded systems (for example TN-S systems). The RCM 202-AB continuously checks the quality of the installation for leakage currents without the use of residual current devices or conducting insulation tests. The serial RS485 interface allows full integration into the GridVis®-software to provide a continuous monitoring system.

Patented measuring method

Due to the patented measuring method, the RCM 202-AB can be used in modern installations with frequency inverters, car charging systems and solar panels without the use of special measuring current transformers.

Suitable as RCM at any point, e.g. DC systems, frequency converters or applications with increased fire protection requirements.
  • Can be combined with any standard Janitza residual fault current measuring transformer
  • Residual fault currents type A to type B +
  • Measurement up to 20 kHz (type B +) possible
  • Accurate measurement at any level in the installation