Pull-wire emergency stop switches and belt alignment switches with plastic housing for extreme ambient conditions

Steute ZS 92 S/SR KSTPull-wire emergency stop switches and belt folding switches with plastic housing - steute ZS 92 S/SR - KST

Until now, the extremely robust and versatile emergency stop and band switches of the ZS 92 S/SR series from steute were "packaged" in a die-cast aluminium housing which, thanks to several coatings (passivation, primer coating, powder coating), is ideally suited for extreme environmental conditions. As an alternative, users can now also choose a housing made of high-quality duroplastic, which is absolutely corrosion-resistant. All screws and connecting elements are made of stainless steel. 

The entire series is characterised by a high degree of flexibility. This means that the positions of the release lever and the mechanism are in different places in different versions so that it can be used in almost any application imaginable. This means that the switch can be installed in almost any conceivable operating position, including at the rear of the safety switch.

Compatible with current ZS 92 series safety switches

The installation dimensions are compatible with current ZS 92 series emergency stop rope and belt folding switches, so that existing (conveyor) installations can easily be retrofitted with the new switches or they can be replaced later. With the ZS 92 SR Tie-Wire switches, the switching points for pre-warning and shut-off are easily set in 5° increments, greatly increasing usability and versatility.

Reduced release force

Users also benefit from the fact that it takes less force and distance to activate the emergency stop. This makes the safety switch easier to operate and also reliably conforms to all relevant international standards (e.g. relating to emergency stop devices with mechanical latching function).

The latest additions to the ZS 92 series with their robust plastic housings - as emergency stop or conveyor switches - are thus ideally suited for bulk transport and handling applications. Read more about emergency stop pull-wire switches.


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