Smallest optical distance sensor with IO-Link - FT 10-RLA

Compact design - When things get tightSmallest optical distance sensor with IO-Link - FT 10-RLA

 The miniature sensors of SensoPart's FT 10 series have a compact design with dimensions of 21.1 x 14.6 x 8 mm. The FT 10-RLA with IO-Link has excellent properties even in the most cramped installation conditions.

As the smallest optical distance sensor in the world, it is ideally suited for challenging measuring tasks, for example during the assembly of semiconductor components and in robotics applications. The sensor is easy to set up and read out by means of the IO-Link.

Small sensor with high performance: 

  • Excellent repeatability and linearity. Ideal for challenging applications
  • With a blind zone of only 10 mm, nothing escapes from this sensor!
  • Can also be used in the most cramped conditions; ideal alternative to fibre-optic sensors
  • Digital output of measured values via IO-Link

Miniature sensor variants

The FT 10 series consists of diffuse photoelectric sensors with adjustable background suppression or a fixed switching point, reflector photoelectric sensors and photoelectric sensors with separate transmitter and receiver. The photoelectric sensors are equipped with red LED, red laser or Blue Light technology. Read more about miniature sensors.

Examples of sectors and applications:

  • Robotics, e.g. distance measurement on gripper
  • Electronics production, e.g. double layer control on printed circuit boards or high level control of components
  • Assembly and handling technology, e.g. to check the accuracy of the installation


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No electromagnetic influences from outside

Via the integrated IO-Link interface, the distance is sent as a 3-byte digital value. As a result, this value is no longer influenced by any electromagnetic influences from outside. This is in contrast to a conventional analogue signal. The spot size with a size of 3 by 1 mm is very small, suitable for, among other things, accurate positioning applications for robots. In view of the small size, the sensor is particularly suitable as an alternative to fiber sensors, where the FT 10 does not need an external amplifier, but the fibre optics do.

What is IO-link? Watch the video!