Wireless pull wire switch with nexy connection - RF 96 WH

Integrate more than 100 switches in one network

Draadloze trekkoordschakelaar - steuteSemi-automatic production and assembly lines work according to a fixed principle: if an employee wants or has to stop the conveyor belt somewhere along the line, he operates a pull-wire switch to bring the line to a safe stop. Such switches are also used to recognize or authorize mounting steps. In the latter case, the switches usually only have a pull cord and no emergency stop function.

The series of pull-wire switches RF 96 WH / 90° from steute have been developed for such applications. Without cabling, simple and flexible installation of the pull-wire switches is possible. The signals from the switches are sent remotely to an upper receiver.

Wireless network system for sending signals

The signals can now also be sent within a wireless network. Steute has developed a new wireless switch for this: a variant that uses wireless sWave.NET® technology.


sWave.NET® simplifies the integration of signals from switches and sensors (even devices that are not from steute range) within a nexy wireless network. Such a system consists of access points, a gateway and a sensor bridge, which acts as an interface with the parent IT system of the user. Read more about wireless sensor network solutions for industry and intralogistics (nexy).

With nexy, several hundred wireless switches and sensors can be installed within one network. They can be integrated into the production planning system or PPS, ERP, MES, WMS systems. Each wireless switch can be individually and easily configured using the wireless interface.

As an alternative to the RF 96 WH / 90 ° sWave.NET®, steute also offers a network-compatible Andon terminal with three buttons and a two-line display. All sWave.NET®-compatible wireless switches, sensors and control devices can of course be freely combined.


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