Target Mark 3D function for robotic vision sensors

arget Mark 3D-functie for Robotic vision cameras - SensoPartThe new "Target Mark 3D" function of SensoPart's VISOR® robotic vision camera simplifies spatial awareness for handling and assembly robots - with just a few mouse clicks and minimal programming in the robot control system. Read more about vision cameras.

For optimum productivity, it is important to know where everything is on your workstation. This applies not only to people, but also to machines. Humans, for example, can still recognise a screwdriver, even if it is unexpectedly on the other side of the table. For robot applications, this can be problematic.

Even minor deviations in the working position, for example due to inaccurate feeding of load carriers or inaccurate connection of mobile robots to the workstation, make the process unstable and unreliable. Where previously this required complex reprogramming, this situation can now be corrected using a 3D target mark. Read more about VISOR® robotic vision cameras.

A target mark is attached to the workstation and the "Target Mark 3D" detector is selected in the VISOR® Robotic configuration software. The position of the target mark only needs to be set during the initial configuration of the robot control system. After that, the vision camera can extract 3D information from the image and trigger a shift of the robot position.

Unique target brand

Another advantage of the Target Mark technology: each target mark is unique; this means that several can be installed within one production environment to automate different processes. Each mark in the detector can be assigned any name (e.g. workstation 1).

The target markers are made of a robust, highly reflective material to ensure correct detection even in poor lighting conditions. An additional advantage of SensoPart's target marking system is that, unlike the proprietary solutions of some robot manufacturers, it can be used on different platforms with a possible retrofit. Finally, Target Mark 3D makes the temporary use of mobile robot stations more flexible, highly efficient and cost-effective. The new feature is now available for all product versions of VISOR® Robotic as part of the latest software release 2.4.

Features "Target Mark 3D" for VISOR®: 

  •  Ideal for robotic applications (e.g. machine control & material handling)
  • ID functionality using standardised mechanical target markers
  • Easy set-up and offset correction for dynamic environments
  • Simple and fast installation - just a few clicks
  • Robust and fast 3D localisation with ID targets
  • Optional use of calibration plates
  • Each target linked to a unique identifier
  • ID can be included in robot programme
  • Each ID can be linked to a specific offset, allowing flexible programming and fewer robot programs



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