Higher resolution for even more stability when reading codes

VISOR®-Code Reader Standard - Vision camera - SensoPartVISOR® Code Reader V20 Standard

With the VISOR® Code Reader V20 StandardSensoPart expands the range of vision cameras with a version for standard applications that require higher image resolution, such as reading simple printed bar codes.

Until now, only the Advanced and Professional variants of the VISOR® V20 Code Reader with the high image resolution of 1.5 megapixels (1440 x 1080 pixels), in addition to many additional functions, had the ability to read 1D / 2D codes and OCR.

For applications where these extended functions are not required, SensoPart now offers a high-resolution vision camera at an attractive price-performance ratio, capable of reading printed barcodes and data matrix codes from virtually all industry standards. Thanks to the high-resolution image chip, the VISOR® V20 Standard can be used for applications where the lower resolution of VISOR® V10 (800 x 600 pixels) is not sufficient. Read more about vision cameras.


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Characteristics V20 Code Reader Standard

V20 Code Reader standard - SensoPart - fortop UK

The vision camera VISOR® V20 Code Reader is available with three different fields of views; wide, medium and narrow. This allows the user to easily select the optimal field of view that best suits his application. This makes it possible to achieve different object sizes and detection distances, without changing the lens or mounting position.

For example, the smallest details can be recognized at a great distance in a small field of view (narrow field of view) while multiple object properties of 1 or more parts can be detected simultaneously with a large field of view (wide field of view). The integrated target laser (laser class 1) greatly simplifies the alignment of the sensor during installation.

Metal housing with IP67

Like the other sensor versions of the SensoPart VISOR® V10 and V20 series, the Code Reader features a compact, robust and all-metal housing with a protection degree of IP67, with integrated image recording, optics, lighting and signal processing. The sensor supports current interface protocols such as sFTP, SSH, EtherNet / IP and Profinet compliance class B.

Backwards compatible

The V20 Standard Code Reader is backwards compatible with the VISOR® V10 series for easy replacement. For more challenging identification tasks, SensoPart has recently launched a new version of the VISOR® Code Reader with a resolution of 5 megapixels (V50 series), which greatly expands the number of possible applications. Read more about VISOR® Code Reader with a resolution of 5 megapixels (V50 series).