Pull cord switch - Viberglass-reinforced housing - steute ZS 91

Pull cord switch with fiberglass-reinforced housing - steute ZS 91

With the new pull cord switch ZS 91, steute extends the drawcord range with a series that has been specially developed for Heavy-Duty-applications. The fiberglass-reinforced plastic housing is resistant to a very high mechanical load. The unlocking arm simplifies the usage and the optimized construction ensures high product standards up to IP 67.

User-friendly integration

Due to the forced contacts, the pull cord switch can easily be integrated into a safety circuit. The drawstring length has a maximum of 2 x 50 meters. Because of the two drawstrings, large hazardous areas can also be equipped with a quickly accessible emergency-off facility. For the visualization of an emergency stop, a yellow indication lever or a signal lamp can be chosen.

The ZS 91 meets the requirements of DIN EN 60947-5-5. For example, it is suitable for the safe shutdown of transport systems in the mining or recycling industry.

Variants on the pull cord switch ZS 91

As variants of this series, the robust position switch ES 91 DL and the band misalignment/position switch ZS 90 SR are available in addition to the six different contact versions. The ZS 90 SR is equipped with an adjustable lever, which ensures the correct running of a conveyor belt. If the conveyor belt threatens to run askew, the belt stops or the control receives a signal. This prevents long downtime periods. Read more about pull cord switches.


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