kWh meters and kWh loggers with pulse outputs, M-bus, KNX, LON, RS485-Modbus or TCP / IP

EMU kWh meter Professional - EMU Electronic

The EMU Electronic program includes a wide range kWh meters, loggers and software solutions. The energy meters can be distinguished in a professional line and allrounder line. EMU Allrounder is a versatile energy meter, equipped with a pulse output with optional M-Bus. EMU Professional is next to a current meter a multimeter and can optionally be fitted with an M-Bus, KNX, LON, Modbus RS485 or TCP / IP output.

Features EMU kWh meters: 

  • Direct connection up to 75A, for power transformers and ../5A ../1A
  • Measured current- and voltage circuits galvanically isolated = safe working
  • Accuracy class B (1%)
  • Control input for switching two rates (high rate / low tariff)
  • Measurement of supply and demand (4 quadrant measurement)
  • Developed and manufactured in Switzerland


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EMU Professional

Large intuitive graphic display
A large graphic display of 60 x 30mm with LED backlight allows the measured values easy to read under all circumstances. The quantities, description of the magnitude and direction of energy and phase sequence can be read on a screen.

EMU Professional TCP / IP
The top of the line EMU EMU Professional TCP / IP connection. install complicated software on a server, laptop or PC is no longer necessary. EMU Professional is an energy meter, multimeter, logger and web server in one. A standard internet browser is sufficient for the presentation, analysis and export of important measurement data. Saving energy has never been so simple.

  • All-in-one solution with logger and web interface
  • Measurement data read on PC, tablet or smartphone via a single interface
  • Intergrated alarm device by email or SMS

The web browser and logger
EMU Professional TCP / IP can be different current values and trends (kWh, kW, etc.) read out via the Web browser and analyze. The configuration of the meter via the web browser. The meter logs the measured values in an adjustable interval of 1, 5, 15, 30 or 60 minutes and exports them to a CSV (comma separated values). The built-in alert system notifies you by e-mail or an SMS gateway if readings and exceeds preset limit.

4 SO pulse outputs (Opto Power MOSFET, 600V AC or V DC, 90 mA) can also be used as switches to enable taxes and to eliminate. If your contract value will be exceeded, the EMU Professional is not able to eliminate preferential tax.


  • Current readings
  • Display of minimum and maximum values
  • Historic values in graphs (load profiles)
  • Logging readings choice
  • Alerting an e-mail at the lower or crossing of measured values
  • use digital outputs as pulse outputs and switching outputs
  • Access protection with password and username
  • Remote reading via HTTP, Modbus TCP or IP Bacnet

With Direct-http can be integrated any measure on its own customer-specific website with a simple command. With an FTP upload communicates EMU TCP / IP with the free energy monitoring portal Smart Me.


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