PNO Compatible M12 Power Connectivity

PNO-compatible M12 Power Connectivity - ESCHA

ESCHA is expanding its M12 power product range with PNO-compatible variants. The new power components enable transmission up to 63V DC with a rating up to 16A. Ever more compact installations require comparable compact interfaces - not only for data and signal transmission, but also for power supply.

The M12 interface has become the new and compact benchmark for power delivery in recent years. Since 2015, there are M12 power supply components from ESCHA in different coding types and for different voltage ranges.


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Five-pole L-coding with functional grounding

The new variants of the M12 power connectors meet the requirements of PNO, the Profibus user organization. PNO-compatible connectivity from ESCHA features a standard corresponding five-pin L-coding with one contact for functional grounding.

To distinguish themselves from other M12 power connectors, PNO compliant components have a gray cable and gray contact carriers. ESCHA's M12 connectivity ensures safe and reliable power transmission of up to 63V DC with a current rating of up to 16A, and meets protection classes IP67 and IP68.

Power follows Bus

PNO-compatible M12 Power Connectivity - ESCHA

In addition to single-ended and double-ended cord sets and connections for front and rear wall mounting, ESCHA offers compact splitters in H, h and T housing styles. With these splitters you can easily realize decentralized power wiring according to the bus wiring. We call this "Power follows Bus".


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