ESCHA presents new plastic nuts for the food industry

The food industry places high demands on hygiene and process security. These requirements can be applied one-to-one to connectors and cables. To resist aggressive cleaning and cleaning agents, special plastics or V4A stainless steel are often used. ESCHA developed connectors with cost-effective plastic knurled nuts in 'Hygienic Design'. A good alternative to the relatively expensive stainless steel knurled nuts!

Hygienic design prevents accumulating dirt

The new plastic knurled nuts are extremely robust and can be tightened by hand or with a wrench. In addition, they meet the protection standards according to IP67, IP68 and IP69. Due to their unique plastic composition, they are resistant to Ecolab cleaning agents. The hygienic design prevents the build-up of dirt and residues. Therefore, connectors with plastic knurled nuts can be used in the product contact area without any problem.


The new plastic knurled nuts are available for M12 connectors in three-, four- or five-pole versions. Three cable qualities are available. In addition, you can choose between male and female and straight and right-angle variants. Read more about food & beverage cables.


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