A compact configurable safety control

ReeR Mosaic MZERO

The Mosaic MZERO is a stand-alone configurable safety controller from ReeR Safety that can monitor all safety functions of a machine or an installation. Using the Mosaic MZERO saves costs and requires minimal wiring for installation. 

The Mosaic MZERO safety controller is equipped with, among other things:

    • 16 safety inputs
    • 4 inputs for Start/Restart interlock or EDM
    • 4 OSSD safety outputs (PNP 400 mA)
    • 4 status outputs (PNP 100 mA)
    • 4 test outputs
    • 64 logic function blocks

Mosaic MZERO can manage safety sensors and signals, such as light curtains, photocells, emergency stops, electromechanical switches, safety door switches, magnetic switches, RFID switches, Safety mats and Safety edges, two-hand controls and hold to run switches.

The advantages of the Mosaic MZERO are: 

  • Reduction in the number of modules used
  • Simple wiring with less cabling 
  • Fewer components mean a higher Perfomance Level and therefore a higher level of safety
  • The system configuration of the safety controller prevents manipulation
  • All logic is configured through a single graphical interface
  • The project report shows the actual values of PFH, DCavg and MTTFd according to EN 13849-1 and EN 62061


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